OUARDI Abdou : Luth / Qanun / Vocals
Lucyan WESLOWSKI: Sitar / Guitar / Bansuri
Adam ROZENMAN : Percussion.

about abdou ouardi

The group "JAWA Ensemble" was founded by the Moroccan musician Abdou Ouardi and two Polish musicians. Abdou is a master of the Arabic lute "oud", he also plays the Arabic zither "qanun" and sings. Lucyan (Lucjan Wesolowski) plays the "bansuri", sitar and Indian flutes, while Adam Rozenman plays percussion instruments, mainly from the Middle East and North Africa.
The repertoire contains songs in several languages, but it is based on different styles of Moroccan music (Arabic, Berber, gnaoua, al-andalus, Moroccan Jew, Saharawi, etc.). It also contains songs from the Middle East and some songs by Lucyan in the atmosphere of India. It is worth mentioning some songs in Ladino, the language of the Jews exiled from Spain in 1492.
The band recorded an album entitled "One Spirit" and officially made its debut on 22/01/2016 in Safi, a Moroccan city, where it performed at the invitation of the French Alliance.
The group gave 8 concerts in Poland in August 2016, also at the 1st Spiritual Music Festival in Sopot.
Since 2016 until 2019, Jawa Ensemble has given concerts in Poland, Morocco, and now is recording its 2nd CD.


Gerard EDERY : Guitar / Vocals
OUARDI Abdou : Luth / Qanun / Vocals
Robert SIWAK : Percussion

about abdou ouardi

The concert programme will include traditional melodies and songs in Arabic, Hebrew, Ladino, Spanish and Turkish.The concert is organized as part of the cycle "All sounds of Asia. On the musical routes of the Middle and Far East ", promotion of the permanent exhibition" Sound Zone ".
Gerard Edery -born in Casablanca, grew up in Paris and New York. One of the most famous dancers of Sephardic songs, a cantoral soloist.He is a virtuoso of guitar and string instrument popular in Asia Minor - sazu. In his rich repertoire he has many songs in the ethnic-folk style, in which he uses forms of traditional music from around the world. He sings in 16 languages and four of them speak fluently every day.
Abdou Ouardi - master of oud and kanunu of Arabic lute, Moroccan singer. Lecturer at the Music Conservatory of Safi. Author of the manual to learn to play the Arabic lute. He has given numerous concerts in Morocco and abroad, notably with the group Jawa Ensemble: Lucyan Wesołowski and Adam Rozenman in recent years. This year, he participated in the prestigious festival of sacred music of Fez.
Robert Siwak - master of percussion instruments, dafa, bendir, darabuce, riggu, zarbie and cajon. Graduated from Frederick Chopin University of Music in Warsaw.He has played at all major music festivals in Poland. He has played in many European countries, the Middle East and the Far East, as well as in the United States. He has recorded more than 40 albums for Polish and foreign labels. He has collaborated with more than a dozen musical groups and composers.